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About Mountain Flowers


Mountain Flowers of Aspen is a full-service floral design business located in the heart of Aspen, Colorado. A glance through the window reveals at once that owner, Wendy Scott Blakeslee, and her staff are remarkably adept at creating elegant and all-occasion designs. Mountain Flowers maintains a style and elegance that is defined by quality craftsmanship and a unique, refreshing attention to detail. Distinctive event planning and unique merchandise, combined with a strong commitment to the community are trademarks of Mountain Flowers. Most importantly, Mountain Flowers defines a lifestyle that combines the polish and panache of a sophisticated social environment with the beauty and rusticity of a mountain town. We are known for our vintage garden style design, always with a unique mountain twist!

Placing Flowers on Your Holiday Table


Thanksgiving in Aspen is such a wonderful time for us, our residents and visitors—we’re embracing the new season of winter and excited about the powder days ahead.  It’s the perfect time to commune with friends, be grateful for where we live and play—in the heart of the mountains, and celebrate all that we have: good health, happiness, and family!

Fresh flowers are essential to finish your holiday table. Are you wondering how to add arrangements for a festive meal? Here are a few tips.

  1. Consider your table shape and size. If you have a square table, use a square vase; a round table, use a round vase and for an oval table—you guessed it, an oval shape.  For rectangular tables place a smaller arrangement in front of every 4 people.  If you do one large centerpiece, make sure to add some smaller arrangements for the people that are near the ends so that everyone has pretty flowers to look at.
  1. Think about the arrangements’ size and shape. Tall flowers look beautiful in photo shoots, but on your table, towering arrangements can cause guests to rock from side to side in order to converse with friends. Instead, think of full, low arrangements that brighten the room, and allow eye contact across the table.
  1. Use flowers that are in season. Pick a color pallette and then stick with flowers that are plentiful during the holidays.
  1. Style it up. Consider using fruits and vegetables to expand your arrangements and create interest on the table, especially if you’re using a buffet. Wood slices, feathers and mini pumpkins add to a seasonal theme—we have these items in stock at Mountain Flowers.
  1. Containers and vessels.  Use a vessel that complements your dishes or room. Mixing metals and ceramics is fine.  Expand everyone’s horizons by using unique vessels that come together with color, texture or material.
  1. Remember the candles. Candlelight adds elegance to your atmosphere and makes everyone look great! Whether you use plain or decorative votives, or candlesticks, remember to add candles.

Not enough time to plan flowers for the big day? Call us or email a photo of your dishes, tablecloths, chargers, candles and napkins, and we’ll help you pull it all together with color and style!

Whether you have four guests or forty, adding fresh flowers in the right size, color and shape complements your dinner, makes your guests feel special, and infuses a touch of elegance to the celebration.



Fall has arrived in Aspen!

As the weather turns and shifts into fall we are enjoying the last bit of summer days during the transition. We are feeling a bit of chill in the air!  Although we have gorgeous blue bird days ahead, the season is changing here in Aspen.  The Aspen leaves are turning and we are beginning to think of winter!  Our botanical selections are shifting and we are excited and inspired by what nature has in store for us.  Our creativity is always piqued at each change of season as we start to see our old favorites come in and make some new ones.  We wish all of our fall brides much love and happiness in the years ahead and our heartfelt congratulations and wishes for the best years of your lives!




Interesting materials inspire is daily!

Interesting materials inspire us daily!


Spring Arrangements with Beautiful Branches

Salmon and White Quince

Salmon and White Quince

With spring just around the corner, there is an exciting feeling filling the air and with all the beautiful branches arriving into our store we can’t help but catch spring fever.

Flower arrangements using branches bearing sweet delicate flowers, or catkins, are being created so that you may bring the freshness of spring into your home.

Available now are Forsythia with bright yellow bursts of sunshine, Quince with the soft and delicate colors of salmon and white, and Tulip Magnolia in rich pinks.

Symbolizing growth and prosperity, pussy willows are also available to add a soft texture to any arrangement. Tip: If you do not cut the pussy willow and put into water, the catkins will stay on and not pollinate.

Pussy Willows

Pussy Willows

All branches come to us in bud stage for their protection, so we try to have a nice selection on hand, but plan ahead to give them time to open. It can take a week or more. Once branches come out they open more slowly at the beginning of their season and near the end of their season, they open faster.

For branches that last longer, we also have faux botanicals that look so real that our customers cannot tell the difference.

Let us create a fantastic arrangement for you to place in your living room, bathroom, bedroom, or wherever you need the cheerful promise of spring to brighten your day.

We look forward to seeing you in the store to visit our selection.




Winter has arrived here in Aspen and with the arrival of the snow and cold also comes a lot of excitement. We are excited about all the things that winter brings – snow, skiing, Winterskol, the X Games and the holidays to name just a few.

At Mountain Flowers, we are particularly excited about the inaugural holiday of the winter season, Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving marks the opening of the ski mountains (yay!) but it is also a time for us to spend time with our families before the holiday rush and to be thankful for all that we have. There is nothing quite like spending your morning skiing and the afternoon cooking and enjoying each other’s company at home.

For us, and so many others, Thanksgiving would not be complete without a beautiful table centerpiece and setting. All of our favorite fall colors are still very present in our shop – rust orange, maple brown, deep plum, golden yellow, perfect peach and beautiful deep green. One of our favorite trends for the Thanksgiving table this year is gold. Beautiful fall flowers in a gold vase contrasted by rustic touches, such as a burlap runner and birch candles, create a table setting that will be stunning and unforgettable. Just add your family, friends and a delicious Thanksgiving meal (and maybe a good bottle of wine!)!

thanksgiving large

Library of Flowers has arrived!

We are so excited to be carrying Margot Elena’s exciting new line, Library of Flowers. What a perfect match for our charming flower shop! With scents such as “Field & Flowers”, “Linden” and “Honeycomb” this line of perfumes and bath products make perfect gifts for yourself or friends!

Remembering what IT is all about

As we near the end of September, we are also nearing the end of wedding season here in Aspen. We have had some quiet time in the last few weeks to reflect on our busy summer season and gather images from many of the talented photographers that shot at events that we provided flowers for.


One of our favorite weddings was a small, intimate and special wedding ceremony at the Maroon Bells. This was not one of the larger or more intricate weddings we have done. In fact, it was quite small and only required a few floral pieces to accentuate the natural surroundings and beauty of the bride and groom. One might ask, then, why was this wedding, which we really did not have much to do with, one of our favorites?

1 3

One reason that we loved this wedding was the first impression we got from the bride and groom. We first met them when they walked into our shop a few months before their wedding. They were relaxed, beaming and seemed to be very much in love. They were excited and friendly, easy going and genuine. The bride continued to be relaxed, excited, friendly and genuine throughout our collaboration process. Up until the very day of her ceremony, she remained the picture of happiness and love.

2 5

Another reason that we loved this wedding was the simplicity of it. We all know that large scale productions are stunning and make a beautiful statement. Bigger is not always better, however. This wedding proved that the right touches, however small they may be, make just as beautiful a statement. This bride did not let her day become something that was not hers.

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9 11

At the end of the day, we have come to the conclusion that we loved this wedding so much because the bride and groom seemed to remember, through the entire planning process, what the day was really all about; their love for each other. Planning a wedding can place so much stress on a bride, and so much of it is unnecessary. Ultimately, your wedding day is about making a commitment to someone you love. It is about you and one other person. Sure, you can hope that all of the details are perfect, but that is what you hire your professional vendors for. You place trust in experts in their fields – the caterers, the musicians, the florist, the baker, the photographer –to make your day special. So try to relax, enjoy the process of planning, enjoy the big day with your family and loved ones, and most importantly, remember what IT is all about; your love for each other and the commitment you are about to make.


Flowers by Mountain Flowers of Aspen

Photography by E.C.Campbell Photography

Preserve Aspen’s Wildflowers

Aspen wildflowers for all to enjoy

As I walked the dogs this morning and took note of all the gorgeous, yet fragile summer wildflowers, it reminded me of a lady I saw the other day on the East Aspen Trail near my home who had collected a large bunch of wildflowers to take home for herself to enjoy.

Preserve the Colorado columbine

Although they were very pretty, it struck me that those flowers were removed from our natural environment and no longer available for ALL of us to enjoy. These natural beauties belong to all of us. Let’s all take this reminder not to pick the wildflowers – not only is it wrong, they do not last as cut flowers and it is detrimental to their health and to the lives of the bees and butterflies that depend on them. Leave them for the next hiker, walker, bird, or bee.

Aspen wildflowers

The Aspen Center for Environmental Studies offers wonderful educational walks around Aspen, some focusing on wildflowers. We encourage everybody to photograph, smell, enjoy, and educate yourself about these short-lived plants, but please do not remove them from their environment.

We have many “wild” flowers at our shop that have been cultivated for home use and that allow us to bring the wild, natural, beauty inside responsibly. Next time you find yourself about to pick and bring an early end to a wildflower, think again and let us provide you with a responsible, sustainable substitute!



Flowering Branches=Spring

Quince are the next flowering branches to become available. They come in white and pink and there are rare red ones that never seem to make it away from the coasts. The quince have spiky thorns so handle carefully and they open us and hold for a decent amount of time. Plan ahead with them so that they are open when you need them to be their prettiest. They are here from now until about Mother’s Day. They look really beautiful with french tulips and lilies for a sleek and clean long lasting arrangement. As with all flower arrangements, use a floral preservative and change the water regularly. Giving a fresh cut every few days can also extend the life of all flowers and branches.


St. Patrick’s Day

While St. Patrick’s Day is not a large flower holiday, I love it as I love the clean greens and whites with a touch of orange to get you thining that spring really is almost here! The days are longer and there is an extra spring in your step too! It also helps that I am Irish! Just might have to have a St. Patrick’s Day party next year! This is from our friends at Design Sponge!


Into the Shop

At Mountain Flowers we are always searching for new and distinctive containers and merchandise. Our shelves are full of beautiful vases as well as unique gifts, such as bath product and seasonal items. We source our merchandise from high quality suppliers from all over the world in order to offer our customers truly special pieces for their homes or to give as gifts. Come in to the shop to enjoy the sights and smells and shop our one of a kind merchandise, or have us create something to fit your needs or desires!