Placing Flowers on Your Holiday Table

Thanksgiving in Aspen is such a wonderful time for us, our residents and visitors—we’re embracing the new season of winter and excited about the powder days ahead.  It’s the perfect time to commune with friends, be grateful for where we live and play—in the heart of the mountains, and celebrate all that we have: good health, happiness, and family!

Fresh flowers are essential to finish your holiday table. Are you wondering how to add arrangements for a festive meal? Here are a few tips.

  1. Consider your table shape and size. If you have a square table, use a square vase; a round table, use a round vase and for an oval table—you guessed it, an oval shape.  For rectangular tables place a smaller arrangement in front of every 4 people.  If you do one large centerpiece, make sure to add some smaller arrangements for the people that are near the ends so that everyone has pretty flowers to look at.
  1. Think about the arrangements’ size and shape. Tall flowers look beautiful in photo shoots, but on your table, towering arrangements can cause guests to rock from side to side in order to converse with friends. Instead, think of full, low arrangements that brighten the room, and allow eye contact across the table.
  1. Use flowers that are in season. Pick a color pallette and then stick with flowers that are plentiful during the holidays.
  1. Style it up. Consider using fruits and vegetables to expand your arrangements and create interest on the table, especially if you’re using a buffet. Wood slices, feathers and mini pumpkins add to a seasonal theme—we have these items in stock at Mountain Flowers.
  1. Containers and vessels.  Use a vessel that complements your dishes or room. Mixing metals and ceramics is fine.  Expand everyone’s horizons by using unique vessels that come together with color, texture or material.
  1. Remember the candles. Candlelight adds elegance to your atmosphere and makes everyone look great! Whether you use plain or decorative votives, or candlesticks, remember to add candles.

Not enough time to plan flowers for the big day? Call us or email a photo of your dishes, tablecloths, chargers, candles and napkins, and we’ll help you pull it all together with color and style!

Whether you have four guests or forty, adding fresh flowers in the right size, color and shape complements your dinner, makes your guests feel special, and infuses a touch of elegance to the celebration.



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