The Quality in Mindful Living


Here in Aspen, we believe in the value of life lived well and with mindful intention. From cars to shoes to flowers, we take care in the little things of life, knowing that quality is more important than quantity. Is this your mindset too? Let’s look at a few reasons (there are many!) to cherish a few good things.

  • You’ll practice mindfulness. Buying quality over quantity encourages a mindset of mindfulness in every purchase. How do your buying habits affect the environment, the local economy, a landfill? When you consider all the resources that go into growing and transporting grocery store flowers, which may last a couple days if you’re lucky, the choice to buy quality becomes much clearer.
  • Blazing Star with Ti Leaf
  • You’ll care more about what you have. For those of us who are naturally clumsy, this may mean slowing down and taking care with what we have. After all, it matters that you spent money on a high-end cashmere sweater and there aren’t half a dozen cheap cotton ones to replace it. One good sweater instead of six cheap ones means you’ll think more about the one, and that feeds back into the mindfulness. It doesn’t take long in this mindset to truly appreciate the earth’s resources and gifts.
  • You’ll be living more ethically and less wastefully. Have you ever considered why a $20 Target shirt costs so little? Most likely, it’s because the garment workers are paid a subsistence wage and because the processes (loom, dyes, etc.) are cheap but harmful to the environment. Buying a few quality pieces of clothing, regardless of the inside label, are better for the environment and the garment workers. We especially recommend the company Everlane, which employs only the best ethical factories and which is completely transparent about its cost breakdown.   
  • There will be a positive effect on other areas of life. Time is the biggest example here. A new car may save you hours of frustration at the mechanic with an old car; excellent hiking boots may save you a series of trips to the chiropractor with an injured back. You get the idea. Making quality purchases now can save you lots of pain and lost time in the future.

Here at Mountain Flowers, we strive to live out this quality and mindfulness in everything we do. From choosing the best-quality flowers to appreciating every moment of the day, we seek to live mindfully and ethically. Won’t you join us? Let us know what speaks to you about a thoughtful, quality life lived among these gorgeous Rocky Mountains.

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